About Us

This is an Official Web site of Benin Diaspora USA! We recently redesign it to record the old and new members who paid their application fee of $25.00. Benin Diaspora USA was born in December 2007 in New York City after its first Conference. Three years of search for the venue elapsed before finally convening the Second Conference in Indianapolis in December 15, 2012 after major changes in the structure gave four Regions covering the United States of America with the creation of the Federal Executive Bureau (FEB) and the Honorary President (HPR). The third Conference in Charlotte, NC November held in 15, 2014 inaugurated the appointment of the Honorary President and the creation of the Council of Presidents giving the hierarchal structure as 1- Conference 2- Honorary President 3- FEB 4- Council of Presidents, and 5-State Members (subdivided as A-Beninese Association B-NGO 3- Private Entity). The Fourth Conference in Baltimore September 10, 2016 inaugurated the appointment of the Coordinator of the Council of Presidents.

New initiatives to make Benin Diaspora USA more financially responsible for its own activities instead of depending on the random fundraising for occasional interventions grew and led to the redesign of the

Web site to record full mandate members after paying the application fee of $25.00.

After the payment, the new member should be able to verify the people of their designated State according to the address recorded during the registration process. Please take time to read about the Vision and the Mission of Benin Diaspora USA. Good things will be happening soon in every single community composing the Federal Community of Benin Diaspora USA with his strong leadership of Federal Executive Bureau (FEB) formed after the Fifth Conference whose venue is on its way.

Wonderful stories will be available as creative members are sending them!

We are here to win! Nothing can stop us to make real the vision and the mission of Benin Diaspora USA.

For any question or concern, please contact Dr. Pierre Atchade at benindiasporausa.com.


Dr. Atchade.